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Leadership Essentials: Giving Your All

Submitted by James Higginbotham on June 28, 2010 – 4:04 amNo Comment

Leadership can be exilerating at times. Seeing a team come together, work hard, and make something come out of nothing. Those are the best of times. At other times, things can be difficult and never seem to go your way. How you handle these extremes will impact how well you lead.

We all love to plan new projects. They are exciting and often are the most creative times in our leadership role. During this time, nothing can go wrong as nothing has yet started. The future looks bright, nothing has been delivered late, and no one has let you down.

But what happens once the project starts? Things never go according to plan, though sometimes they can appear that way. It is at that time when leaders much give everything they have to pull it all together.

It is at this difficult time that leaders must push through the difficulties and continue to lead. It is at this time that those you lead are looking to you for direction, confidence, and wisdom. Are you ready to give your all, even in those difficult times?

Leaders are expected to give. They are expected to be available at all times and give everything.

Be ready to give.

Be willing to give.

Be willing to give everything.

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