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Mature Christianity

Submitted by James Higginbotham on May 5, 2010 – 4:50 amNo Comment

Guy Muse posted an article a few weeks ago titled “What do mature disciples of Jesus look like?” His list of 13 key indicators is a great list for self assessment and prayer:

1) Primary life orientation centers on Jesus and his kingdom (e.g. Sermon on the Mount).

2) Sees the totality of his or her life as on mission with God, being sensitive to the Spirit’s guiding.

3) Social status unimportant, views social groupings missiologically and often seeks reconciliation.

4) Primary allegiance to God’s kingdom, not a human government (although appropriately submits to a human government).

5) Often suffers on account of Jesus and is willing to risk possible death and/or martyrdom.

6) Sees value in Christian leadership, submits accordingly, and provides leadership when necessary.

7) Adheres to Jesus’ teachings and knows what those teachings (commands) are.

8) Life is lived to the fullest when God’s goals are attained via the disciple’s life.

9) Costly sacrifice is the norm, usually monetary.

10) Deeply involved in Christian community, will not leave community unless directed by God.

11) Relies on God for all needs continually and actually due to a perpetually sacrificial life.

12) Is humble, considers others better than self, gives others the advantage.

13) Genuinely loves an increasingly accurate understanding of God and demonstrates that love via obedience to Jesus’s commands and intimate prayer.

How are you doing with your daily walk and leadership?

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