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Improving Your Fellowship With God

Submitted by James Higginbotham on March 30, 2010 – 4:24 amNo Comment

Leaders and volunteers often struggle to find the time to connect with God while tackling work, family, and their volunteer service. I understand, as I struggle with this from time-to-time as well. Let’s understand what true fellowship with God looks like and how we can focus our time to develop this fellowship.

Our fellowship with God moves through a series of steps, each one creating a deeper fellowship with Him:

  1. Basic Fellowship – the believer understands the basics of their relationship with God. They go to Him when big things come up or big decisions need to be made (e.g. a new job opportunity, overcoming the difficulties of life, etc.). Time is spent with God in a Bible study or small group discussion and perhaps some time is spent one-on-one in prayer but it isn’t consistent or in-depth
  2. Partially Dependent Fellowship – the believer has learned to trust God with more of their daily life. They go to Him on a daily basis, seeking guidance on big decisions and some smaller decisions (e.g. a big purchase such as a car, intercessory prayer for others, direction for possibly joining a ministry, etc). They are often seek God’s direction to ensure they are called into a ministry before accepting. While their prayer life is consistent, it is typically “all business”, meaning their emotions are left out and things are kept to simple requests or seeking simple guidance
  3. Fully Dependent Fellowship – the believer has learned to give everything to God. They speak to Him on a very personal level as “Abba” (”Daddy”). He isn’t a distant God, He is fully involved in their life. They find that their day is fully Spirit-led, as they know His voice and how to quiet their own desires to allow His voice to get through the daily noise. They also understand where God is calling them today and how the skills they have been given can be blended with His calling to enable them to do things they never would have had the faith to do in the past.

Where are you at?

Where are your  volunteers at? Don’t know? It is time to get to know them better and find out.

The effectiveness of you and your volunteers isn’t based on skills, it is based on how close they are in fellowship with God and if they are trying to grow in their fellowship with Him. Make sure you and your team are improving your fellowship with God.

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