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Recruiting Volunteers Within The Harvest Of The Crowd

Submitted by James Higginbotham on March 10, 2010 – 4:07 amNo Comment

Many of us assume that everyone will want to join our volunteer team. Why not? We are doing awesome things in our [insert your team name here]! It doesn’t work this way.

The problem is that we assume everyone is built the same way we are when they aren’t. Instead, everyone has been built uniquely by God to be passionate and gifted in a certain area or areas.

Let’s do a quick mental exercise:

Picture your church all clustered together in your auditorium. Ask them to raise their hands if they like what your team is doing. You’ll probably see 10-25% raise their hands. Then ask those that have their hands raised who has the time to give to join you. Now you probably have 5-10% with their hands raised. Now, ask how many are passionate about your cause to the point where they cannot see themselves not doing it. You probably have only a few hands raised. That is your harvest.

We often picture the entire church as our harvest field that want to serve our ministry, when in reality there is only a small harvest within the church crowd.

It means that you need to learn how to reach this crowd.

It means that you need to learn how to treat this crowd.

It means that you need to learn how to lead this crowd.

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