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Volunteer Teams Don’t Have To Last Forever

Submitted by James Higginbotham on February 24, 2010 – 4:59 amNo Comment

Why is it that we as leaders automatically assume that our team will last forever? We go in assuming that what we do today will be needed for years and decades to come. I just don’t think this is the case most of the time.

When you build a team, you usually have a purpose in mind. It may be to run the sound system for your church building. Or perhaps it is to reach out to a community or into those in your church that have a specific need. Whatever it is, the team is being built by you to address an immediate need. It won’t last forever.

You may ask, “yeah, but what about the sound crew – we’ll always need one of those, right?” True. You may always have a sound team. But the team itself will take on different needs and change shape over time. The team itself is dynamic – it will change based on the technology needs, the building needs, and the culture of the team itself. At some point, every team reaches a tipping point where it becomes something new – something different than its original intent and design. It is at that point where the team becomes something new and ceases to be the team that it was.

Volunteering is dynamic. It changes constantly. Needs change. Teams change. People change. More importantly, God’s calling on the team and team members will change.

As volunteer leaders, we must be willing to be dynamic. We must focus on how God wants us to build the team today, prepare for tomorrow, and be willing to let go of it in the future. We must be willing to stop saying, “But, that is how we have always done it!” and begin to ask, “How does God want us to do it today?”

Volunteer teams don’t last forever. Be willing to become a more dynamic leader. The only other option is becoming an irrelevant leader.

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