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Taking On The Steps Of Leadership

Submitted by James Higginbotham on February 17, 2010 – 4:38 amNo Comment

Growing as a leader is a series of steps. Each step takes more effort but makes a bigger impact on those around you. How we approach each step impacts how we handle the next one.

The first step is the most difficult. Most people don’t take the first step of leadership. They are too scared. They doubt their ability. But taking the first step opens your eyes to an amazing new world of possibilities.

The next few steps happen pretty quick. You have successes with your team. You may have a failure or two. But overall, things are going pretty well.

Then the middle steps emerge. You must learn to balance your time. You have more demands on you than ever before. Some choose to stop or even go back down a few steps. Here your leadership is really tested.

If you are willing, you take a few more steps. You can see the top of the staircase. You have experienced some tough lessons but it was worth it. Battle worn, you are leading some amazing change for your cause.

You reach the top of the stairs, only to look and see another set of stairs ahead of you. You realize that it is time to bring someone else along. It is time to prepare another generation of leaders to join you. The process starts again.

Learning never ends. Leadership never ends. It requires sacrifice and commitment. Just remember that with each step, you will see fewer people next to you. Make sure you help and seek help from those next to you and above you on the staircase. They know what you are going through. They know the joys already experienced and the joys to come.

Keep climbing.

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