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What Was Your First Win As A Leader?

Submitted by James Higginbotham on December 14, 2009 – 4:23 amOne Comment

Our first win as a leader is important – it sets the tone for the future. It helps you overcome difficult times. It also helps build confidence to allow you to take on larger tasks in the future. So, what was your first win as a leader?

Was it something small, like recruiting your first volunteer?

Was it something simple, like getting through your first service as a leader of volunteers?

Was it something big, like coordinating a project or event that was so big that it seemed impossible?

Whatever it was, please share your experience of your first win as a leader with us in the comments (Note: email subscribers will need to click on the title to view the webpage, then scroll down to add a comment).

Finally, what is going to be your next win as a leader? How are you preparing to make it happen?

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  • Trazy says:

    My first win as a leader of volunteers came when I started delegating positions for the volunteers – specific roles that they had to make my leadership easier. It made things flow smoother and gave the volunteers a sense of purpose – which made for more involvement in the ministry and fewer no shows.

    My next win won’t come for a while, as I’m on a year sabbatical. However, hopefully my next win will be moving the volunteers to be more ‘outreach minded’.