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Leaders are Recruiters

Submitted by James Higginbotham on August 12, 2009 – 4:38 amNo Comment

Volunteer recruiting is about more than just asking people to join your team. It requires an understanding of how your leadership will translate into a healthy, vibrant team. Much of this becomes your recruiting message:

You must be able to convince a candidate who is interested in your team to become a
volunteer. To do this, you must prepare to explain what your team does and why they should
consider joining. This is called the recruiting message.
Being plugged-in, beinga volunteer or servant, and filling a need (even desperate ones) is a by-
product of recruiting, not a selling point. Instead, focus on the benefits of joining up, such as
making an impact in the community, becoming part of a team, or exercising specific skills or
The recruiting message is also about your enthusiasm. Are you and your team having fun with
what you are doing? I’ve seen some church teams do some amazing things when they have the
proper attitude. I’ve also seen some teams with very interesting work fail to recruit new
volunteers because of a poor attitude.
Smile. Be happy. Serve the Lord with joy! Your candidates will catch your attitude through your
attitude and your words!

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