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Cause Collectors

Submitted by James Higginbotham on January 19, 2009 – 3:27 pmNo Comment

Many of us collect things. In the past, people would often collect stamps, Pez dispensers, bells, coffee mugs, or toys from childhood. Today, many collect people through online websites like Facebook and Twitter. Some collect news through the many online newspapers and hundreds of RSS feeds and text messages that can give you up-to-the-minute information.

Collections can be fun. They can offer us something outside of daily life to focus on. The problem comes when we focus too much on them and not enough on God and others. Instead of being a hobby, it becomes the driving force in life.

Even worse is when we let our collecting invade our cause. Instead, we start collecting people to do stuff for us. We start “collecting” spiritual gifts, thinking we need to experience every one of them in some way in our lives. We collect tasks to keep our team busy, because being busy means we are making progress, right?

Some collections can be healthy for your cause, as they may enable your cause to grow. Just be careful about what (and how) you collect what you need to make your cause a reality. Ask yourself if your collecting is healthy or out of control.

You should also ask yourself if you are collecting causes for the sake of causes in general, rather than the specific cause.
You can do more harm than good if you align yourself with causes that don’t complement your personal passions.

P.S. Want to add me to your collection? You can find me on Facebook or Twitter.

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