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Milestone and Project Wrap-Up

Submitted by James Higginbotham on July 19, 2006 – 7:24 pmNo Comment

As your milestone or project ends, schedule a meeting with all of your team members as ask the following questions:

  1. What worked well on our milestone/project?
  2. What didn’t work so well?
  3. How can we improve our next milestone/project?

Go around the room and ask everyone to contribute at least one answer to spark discussion. Encourage your team to be open and honest, and make it fun rather than painful for them. Hand out awards for the silliest, most honest, most interesting, and most number of contributed comments. When you are done, gather these answers together, document them, and send them to the team and your ministry’s leader(s). Make improvements, encourage building upon successes and admitting to failures (but require brainstorming on improvements). Pray with your team before and after the meeting.

Finally, send thank-you notes to everyone on the team, hand-written, and possibly even a gift card to a restaurant or store. This is your time to build upon what worked and use that momentum to push into the next project, but always be sure to give your team time to decompress and rest up first.

And, in the end, remember: It’s about the volunteers!

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